Information - General Support -

1.About a Refund & Exchange
All our products are

2.About Your Purchased Support
Notecard Only!(not respond your IM & a blank notecard)
Send the notecard to Matilda Farella(is LAKSHMI Store manager) in-world
with your "Transaction History".
Transaction History is very important for the smooth support.
We'll reply you a.s.a.p.

How to show your transaction history.
Logo in to http://secondlife.com
Account → LD$ Transaction History
Just copy and paste the part where you need for send a notecard.

3.Redelivery Service
Failed delivery
You can use the redelivery system in our main store.
Click the redelivery board in the main store.
You can show your Purchase History in LAKSHMI at your private web site.
(The web link will be appear on the viewer at the upper right with window.)
Open the link,after then,you can show your purchased list.
And click the item name which you want to receive again.

4.Buy as Gift
You can use the vendor in-world store or visit to our marketplace.

How to use the vendor for gift.
-1.Click a vender which you want to do gift for someone.
-2.Choose "Buy Gift".
-3.After then,you can show a little window on the viewer at the upper right,
which written "Enter recipient's name:".
(The vendor will give you an information in your local chat window.
"Please enter the gift recipient's name into the box on your screen.")
-4.Enter the correct name.
It's not working with nicknames.
And you need to put the "Resident" after the first name if the recipient not has a family name.

5.About Your Past Purchased
We may change the selling system of our merchandises without notice you.
(example:sale,reduction price,repackage…etc etc)
It's according to social trend like real life marketing.
Also we do not accept refund & exchange in your past purchase items.

6.About our mesh
100% original mesh.
And they're "copy" only.

7.Custom Order
LAKSHMI do not any custom work.

Best regards,