About E2V Vendor System in LAKSHMI

 - What's happened?
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About our vendor system

25th May 2018 - About future redelivery

First of all, we would like to say thank you for your support always.
This will be a final article about the redelivery system by E2V vendor in LAKSHMI.

We were finished to immigrate transaction history from E2V to new vender system.
The available transaction datas are "from Jan. 2016 to May 2018",
which offered by E2V system.
E2V system will be closed 31st May.
After then,
E2V redelivery system will not work, also we'll need to remove it from store.
It'll be impossible to cover the redelivery items before Jan. 2016., we do not it.
(Some items were removed already when we did retirement sale.)
Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.

Warm regards,

1st May 2018

We had finished to shift our vendor system to "MD Labs".

27th April 2018

- In the future of LAKSHMI in vendor system -

We decided to make the shift to "MD Labs" vendor system from "E2V".

MD still not has import data system,
but according to the MD Labs,
it'll be possible soon.
Actually, MD is working hard for it now. (Thank you so much!)

E2V had made a system for "export data" already,
but at present, the exportable datas are only from 2017 January.

If not available datas before the year in the future,
we don't (can't) support your transaction history(redelivery) before the "2017 January".
(We're sorry about that. It is up to him=E2V to decide.)

We'll be change the vendor system at May 1st from E2V to MD.
And we'll close LAKSHMI main store temporarily for prepare it.
(from 30th April around 22:00 LST to early dawn on 1st May.
And we think MP is not need to much time for change the system.)

- About redelivery service
After then, we'll keep the E2V redelivery service until 31st May
at LAKSHMI Main Store & malls(in Mesh Body Addict & Catalunya Virtual).
(We'll be replace the vendor in the malls, too)
And we'll put 2 of the redelivery systems until the E2V shutdown day,
and MD's from the day when we replace the new vendor system.

We wanna to write you again about the redelivery service.
E2V's is for who purchased before 30th April (We'll remove it when E2V has shutdown).
MD's is for who purchased from 1st May - for the time being - until possible to import from E2V data.
Well... if you are not clear what we wanna to talk you here,
try to click the both redelivery service for get your item.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Best regards,
LAKSHMI - staff